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I’ve done all the writing – now what?

So you have your Simple Cover Letter and your Simple Resume – Now what do you do?  These two documents are a good start, but they won’t help in your job search if you just leave them in a drawer or on your hard drive.

Some people are pretty good at what comes next.  They recognize that they need a strategy (a battle plan of attack if you will), they put this plan together, and then they implement their plan.  Good for them!

Other folks aren’t so lucky.  For one or more of several different reasons, they really can’t figure out what to do with their Simple Cover Letter and Simple Resume. If you’re one of these people, please don’t think of it as a flaw or a shortcoming.  All people have strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone has things they are really good at, and other things they are not so good at.  You are good at many things; you’re just not so good at putting together a plan for how to get your next job.

I can help you with this.  My associates and I have been working with job seekers for over 20 years.  And believe me when I tell you that many of these people (even senior level executives and managers) needed a LOT of help with their career search plans.  Please, reach out to me.  As with our other services, we’ll talk a bit and then I’ll make a recommendation.  Together, we can come up with an affordable plan designed for your specific situation.


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“I really like my new resume – much easier for people to read. And my daughter likes the one you wrote for her, too. She and I are both looking forward to getting jobs soon.”

Pam, Electrical Engineer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Nice job on my resume. I’ve had several different ones done over the past year – your Keep It Simple Resume is by far the best of the bunch. Thanks a lot.”

Daniel, Account Manager – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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