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Successful Interview Techniques

I’m really not going to say much about the importance of a successful interview.  If you are looking for a job and you need me to explain this part of the program, you’re in big trouble.

The senior associates at Holland & Associates have been preparing candidates for interviews for more than 25 years.  Each of us has done this for thousands of individuals.  And hundreds of these individuals did well enough in their interviews to get the job.  We know what it takes to interview successfully.

I hesitate to call a successful interview the most important part of the process, because the Simple Cover Letter, the Simple Resume and the battle plan are all very important.  But I will say that, while you might get a job with no cover letter, a poor resume, and no real plan of attack, you will almost certainly NEVER get a job if you don’t do a good job during the interview.

Again, call me.  We’ll talk about your individual situation and then get you ready to dazzle them all when you interview.


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“I really like my new resume – much easier for people to read. And my daughter likes the one you wrote for her, too. She and I are both looking forward to getting jobs soon.”

Pam, Electrical Engineer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I think my new resume is great. Having just graduated, I didn’t think I had anything important to put in a resume. You gave me a whole page that looks good and makes me look like I’ve got a lot to offer.”

Meghan, Recent College Graduate – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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