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I believe that your cover letter is almost as important as your resume.  And, as you can probably guess, I really believe in the Keep It Simple Cover Letter. Let’s not reinvent the wheel here, OK?  Suffice to say that the Simple Cover Letter makes it more likely that someone will spend a little more time looking at your Simple Resume, so that your Simple Resume can do its job and make that someone want to interview you for a job.

Your Simple Cover Letter makes this happen by claiming that you are exactly what the hiring manager is looking for.  And when someone sees this statement, it is a proven fact that he/she will spend a little more time looking at the Simple Resume with it.  A one-two punch if you will.  Neither provides guaranteed success, but the combination of a Simple Cover Letter and a Simple Resume significantly increase your chances to get an interview for the job you want.

We can talk about your Simple Cover Letter while we are discussing your Simple Resume. Then, you can write your own Simple Cover Letter, or I will write it for you.


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“Tom, you did a great job with my resume. I had so much information on my old one that even I couldn’t make sense out of it. Thanks for cleaning it up and making it easier to read.”

Joanne, Teacher – Miami, Florida

“Nice job on my resume. I’ve had several different ones done over the past year – your Keep It Simple Resume is by far the best of the bunch. Thanks a lot.”

Daniel, Account Manager – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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