How To Find Your Next Job

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I just got off the phone with a very impressive professional gentleman who called me after looking at our website. Seriously, this guy had a combination of interpersonal skills, personality, likeability and successful business experience that made speaking with him a truly enjoyable experience. And, as if this wasn’t enough, he had sent me his resume, and it’s a beauty. Obviously, this fellow is, as my partner is fond of saying, “the whole package.”

So, why did this guy call me? Why did he want to pick the brain of someone who writes resumes (a service he doesn’t need)? All he needs to do is get his resume into the hands of a few key decision makers in his industry, and they’ll probably all make him an offer. In fact, this fellow was recruited by hiring managers he already knew for his last two jobs. And this previous experience is why he called me. This “I got my last two jobs by just answering the phone and accepting an invitation to talk/interview” situation is why he called me. He doesn’t have a clue how to go out and identify and find and sell himself for his next career opportunity – that’s why he called me.

We spoke for a while, and then I arranged for him to spend a few hours with Paul, one of our long-time associates who specializes in helping professionals put together their plan of attack for getting their next job. Paul’s real good at this. They will talk, and talk, and talk. Paul will ask a lot of questions, and then listen very carefully to the answers. And, when they are done, this gentleman will be amazed at how much of a plan he has put together. He’ll have plenty to do. He’ll be able to spend all day, every day, looking for his next career opportunity. In fact, his plan will probably be so extensive that he’ll probably get his next job before he can fully implement it.

Here’s my point. Everyone is good at something – some people are good at lots of things. But the fact that you are personable and likeable and are a very successful business person does not mean that you will be good at finding your next job. Everyone needs help with some of the problems in their life. Some of us can fix out own sink; some of us call a plumber. Some of us mow our own lawns; some of us use a lawn service. Some of us go out and find the love of our life; some of us use computer dating.

And, some of us can easily put a plan together for finding their next job, and some of us call Holland & Associates and have them help with this project.

Don’t be shy. If you can do this on your own – do it. If you can’t do it alone – don’t waste valuable time – call us! We can help!

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“Mr. Parr, I can’t believe how much better my resume is now. I’ve already received several calls from potential employers – I even got one from someone who had ignored my first resume. Thanks so much.”

Jonathan, IT specialist – San Diego, California

“I really like my new resume – much easier for people to read. And my daughter likes the one you wrote for her, too. She and I are both looking forward to getting jobs soon.”

Pam, Electrical Engineer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

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