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Search & Recruiting

We’ve been doing retained and contingency search and recruiting work for 26 years. We are experts at helping companies locate and attract the professionals they need. Call Tom Parr if you’d like to find out more – we’re certain that we can find a way to help.

Staffing Consulting

Many times a client has a specific position to be filled and, despite the fact that they recognize the need for expert, outside assistance in finding exactly the right individual, they feel it would be in their best interest to play a more active role in the search and recruiting process. Holland & Associates, Inc. has developed a program whereby we work with our client to whatever degree is required, providing only those services requested to insure that the right person is identified, located, and attracted to our client’s organization.

College Recruiting

The principals at Holland & Associates, Inc. have interviewed thousands of prospective candidates. We are pretty good at it.

Why don’t you talk to us about helping you find the recent graduates your organization needs?

Candidate & Resume Screening

Sometimes a client already has a large number of previously-identified potential candidates to choose from. In many of these cases, Holland & Associates, Inc. has been able to prescreen these individuals, have telephone conversations with those who seem appropriate for our client’s specific need(s), interview the semifinalists, and present the finalists (along with written evaluations and reference checks) to our client company.

Internal Hiring-Related Training

It’s a fact of life – lots of very talented professionals are not very comfortable with the interviewing/hiring process. Why not let Holland & Associates, Inc. train your people to be more effective interviewers.


It’s never easy to tell an employee that he/she no longer has a job. You’d like to help them get through this, but a full outplacement program can cost thousands of dollars. In many cases, if you could afford to pay for outplacement, you would have been able to keep the employee in the first place. We can offer your employees an affordable, no frills, to-the-point program that can help them quickly get back into the workforce.

Industry & Market Assessment Analysis

Whether you need a little or a great deal of information about your industry/marketplace/competitors, Holland & Associates, Inc. can address that need in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Contract Workers

More and more companies are realizing that contract workers (instead of permanent employees) have a place in their organizations. The question then becomes – how can we do this and who can help us? Holland & Associates, Inc. can handle the entire process for you – everything from finding the required people to arranging for payroll and benefits. Our “back room” involvement is second to none. Call us and find out how easy hiring contract workers can be.


Client Testimonials

“Your efforts proved to be very beneficial – especially your call to Terry last night. He called me this morning and accepted our offer. I’m going to have a good weekend now. THANKS for all your help.”

Bill M. – V.P. of Engineering, Fortune 200 Process Control Company


“Tom, thanks so much for your help. Not only did you find us a VP of Sales who exceeded our requirements – you found her quickly and helped us get her on board well within our timeframe. Thanks a lot.”

Linda S. – Director of Worldwide Operations, International Communications Company


“Just wanted to say thanks for helping us land Jennifer. You promised us good candidates, and you certainly delivered. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Mike W. – President, Fortune 500 Wireless Communications Company


“Tom, once again you found us exactly who we needed. I know we’re not easy to work with, but we truly appreciate all of your help. According to my count, this makes 22 people over the last 12 years.”

Jerry H. – Director of Human Resources, Nationwide Food Manufacturer


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“Thanks – I really like what you’ve done with my resume. It reads much more easily and does a much more effective job. Thank you!”

Jim, VP of Finance, Fortune 500 Company – Omaha, Nebraska

“I really like my new resume – much easier for people to read. And my daughter likes the one you wrote for her, too. She and I are both looking forward to getting jobs soon.”

Pam, Electrical Engineer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

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