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The People of Holland & Associates, Inc.

We have a team of professionals at Holland & Associates including Thomas Parr, Daniel Holland, Laura Reiley, and a network of professionals including researchers, recruiters, contacts, and more. Below are the biographies of our staff.


Founding Partner and President, Senior Consultant

Tom co-founded Holland & Associates in 1984.  He has a BBA from the University of Michigan and 20+ years of broad-based experience in the search and recruiting business.  His list of clients includes many of the world’s most successful communications companies, and he has successfully identified and recruited hundreds of sales/marketing, engineering and operations professionals.

Tom has also been writing resumes since 1995.  During this time his Keep It Simple Resumes have helped hundreds of individuals with many different backgrounds find their next career opportunity.


Founding Partner, Senior Consultant

Dan co-founded Holland & Associates in 1984.  He has a BA in Political Science from Kenyon College, a Masters from the University of Chicago, and a PhD in International Relations from the American University.  In his 25+ years of recruiting, Dan has worked in a wide variety of industries – including commercial communications, process control & instrumentation, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, RF, software/hardware/firmware, and military electronics.  He is one of the best electrical engineering recruiters in the country.


Vice President, Director of Research

Laura has been with Holland & Associates since early 2007.  She has a degree in Art and Advertising Design from the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute, and a background that includes many successful years as a Freelance Artist and a Sales Manager.  Along with her search and recruiting responsibilities, Laura also directs and implements all of our web-based research, including supervising all of our contract researchers and overseeing our numerous candidate networks and search engine utilization.


Holland & Associates also has an extensive network of available staffing-related resources.  This network includes contract researchers and recruiters, internet data bases and sourcing tools, and recruiters from across North America.  It also includes the thousands of sources and contacts we have developed over the past 25 years.  These hiring managers, candidates and interested professionals provide us with invaluable assistance in all aspects of our search and recruiting efforts.


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“I think my new resume is great. Having just graduated, I didn’t think I had anything important to put in a resume. You gave me a whole page that looks good and makes me look like I’ve got a lot to offer.”

Meghan, Recent College Graduate – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Nice job on my resume. I’ve had several different ones done over the past year – your Keep It Simple Resume is by far the best of the bunch. Thanks a lot.”

Daniel, Account Manager – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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