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Holland & Associates is a staffing, recruiting, and resume writing firm based in Chelsea, Michigan servicing clients across the nation. We have many years of experience in the recruiting business, providing individualized, professional, results-oriented assistance to companies in a wide variety of staffing situations. We are also experts in helping individuals throughout their job search, from writing cover letters and resumes to preparing for the important interview.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. You won’t be sorry – we can help!

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“Mr. Parr, I can’t believe how much better my resume is now. I’ve already received several calls from potential employers – I even got one from someone who had ignored my first resume. Thanks so much.”

Jonathan, IT specialist – San Diego, California

“I really like my new resume – much easier for people to read. And my daughter likes the one you wrote for her, too. She and I are both looking forward to getting jobs soon.”

Pam, Electrical Engineer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

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