Write your own Keep It Simple Resume…

…and we’ll edit it.

As I’ve stated many times, this isn’t brain surgery – it’s just writing a resume.  A Simple Resume that will make sure that anyone who even glances at it will be able to determine – quickly and accurately – who you are professionally and educationally.

So perhaps you’d like to write your own.  Perhaps, now that you understand the concept and the idea behind the Keep It Simple Resume, you feel comfortable writing it yourself.  After all, it’s not brain surgery…

For those of you who are so inclined, I’ve written a short book on the subject.  It’s a clear and easy-to-read primer on resume writing.  If you read the book and follow the step-by-step instructions, you will end up with a Simple Resume designed to make sure that anyone who looks at it will be able to quickly and easily determine who you are professionally and educationally.

And, as part of the deal, if you email me a copy of your Simple Resume when you’re finished with it – I’ll evaluate it and tell you what I think.

So if you’re interested, why don’t you buy a copy of my book?  Again, you really have nothing to lose.  If the book helps you write a Simple Resume that you like – that’s great!  And, if after reading the book you decide that you’re not cut out to be a resume writer – that’s not a problem.  Just reach out to me.  I’ll write your Keep It Simple Resume for you, and I’ll deduct the price you paid for the book from what I charge you for the Simple Resume.


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“Nice job on my resume. I’ve had several different ones done over the past year – your Keep It Simple Resume is by far the best of the bunch. Thanks a lot.”

Daniel, Account Manager – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Tom, you did a great job with my resume. I had so much information on my old one that even I couldn’t make sense out of it. Thanks for cleaning it up and making it easier to read.”

Joanne, Teacher – Miami, Florida

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