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Keep It Simple Resume

We will write a resume that is personalized, custom designed, and unique to you. A professionally written resume increases your chance of getting the crucial job interview.

1 page:                                                                 $150.00 – $200.00

2 pages:                                                               $225.00 – $300.00

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Keep It Simple Resume Book

This guide to resume writing will teach you to write a top-notch professional resume. Writing a resume is more than just listing a set of credentials or special talents in reverse chronological order. Get all the tips here.

$30.00                                 (includes shipping)



Keep It Simple Cover Letter

Our expert staff will write a professional cover letter showcasing your strengths and tailor it to fit the job you’re looking for.




Battle Plan Consulting

Need some job hunt coaching? We can help you develop a job hunting strategy to get the most out of your employment search.

$200 – $600            (2 to 4 hours is usually sufficient) – Contact us for details.


Successful Interview Consulting

Feeling a bit rusty? We can help you prepare for your crucial interview.

$200 – $600        (2 to 4 hours is usually sufficient) – Contact us for details.





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“Nice job on my resume. I’ve had several different ones done over the past year – your Keep It Simple Resume is by far the best of the bunch. Thanks a lot.”

Daniel, Account Manager – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Thanks – I really like what you’ve done with my resume. It reads much more easily and does a much more effective job. Thank you!”

Jim, VP of Finance, Fortune 500 Company – Omaha, Nebraska

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